mallu aunty kambi kadakal audio  producer mallu aunty kambi kadakal malayalam to France to help prepare a television news piece on the immigration situation in Calais.mallu aunty kambi kadakal exbii  Below is her impression of what she saw. mallu aunty kambi kadakal malayalam French authorities on Tuesday dismantled a makeshift camp dubbed "the Jungle," which housed illegal migrants fleeing dangerous homelands to seek a more prosperous life in Europe.mallu aunty kambi phone calls French police broke up protests by refugee rights advocates and began clearing the squalid camp. The French government said it was targeting human smuggling and did not say where the migrants would be relocated.  They were apparently checking the illegal migrants' IDs, but how do you identify men with no papers? mallu aunty kambi kadakal pdf This is a daily occurrence - the illegal migrants are stopped, searched, sometimes photographed or fingerprinted, detained for a few hours and released.


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